Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last time on.... 24

Oh, wait, I don't watch that show. But I couldn't think of anything else good with 24, so there you go.

Anyway, I'm 24 now, or as of last Friday. I had a party- well, get together really, on Saturday. We ate pizza, played a little Rock Band, watched a couple movies (The Host and Southland Tales specifically). It was fun, but I wish a few more people had come as it was a group of people that I hang out with pretty regularly anyway. Not that there's anything wrong with, but it felt more like a normal movie night or something. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'll tell you what DOES matter.

THIS is what matters. Yes, thats correct, the topic that might have 4000 comments by the time you read it (As compared to the usual 500-800 for a big story). Reading a scant few comments, it was pretty predictable: The PS3 owners were saying how this wouldn't affect their console at all because they are Playstation, 360 people laughed and jeered at this great blow to the PS3, and Nintendo people just kind of sighed as they sat off to the side with the console that is competing in its own private batttlefield... Against itself. So what is this great blow to Sony? What possible exclusive title did they hold in their posession like the Holy Grail of console sales? What else but Final Fantasy XIII. Yes, in a shocking upset, the Square-Enix rep at this years E3 event turned around as he was heading off stage as though remembering something. A trailer roles of largely new footage, ending with a shot of those few known characters from the new title and the industry shaking announcement that, for the first time ever, Final Fantasy would be released, not just on two consoles, but also in Japan, America AND Europe all on the same day. Sadly this means that 70% of my incentive to buy a PS3 (At its current price tag) is gone. However, as long as PS3 holds exclusives on FFXIII: Versus and Kingdom Hearts 3 they'll still have a pretty good hand... I just won't call until until they've raised the pot by bringing down the console's price.

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