Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good enough for government work.

Or so the saying goes. I recently came to the harsh conslusion that while my drawing skillz are not bad, they aren't where I want them to be, so today I purchased two lovely books on the subjects of "Drawing Basics" and "Drawing Manga" since thats the style that I want to be proficient in. Now, something I found odd about both these books is they felt the need to print "Illustrated" on the cover. If its a book about drawing.... I mean, is there a version where they give verbal instructions like "Now, move your pencil in sort've a circular motion- No, thats wrong, circle CIRCLE!" Anyway, I'm planning to start doing the basic stuff and see how that all goes. Heck, less expensive than taking an Art class.

Oh, I promised this one would be more geeky didn't I? Ummm.... Oh, tomorrow I'm going to reserve tickets at the Kennedy Center. How is that geeky? Well, these happen to be tickets for anime screenings! Thats right, anime screenings at the Kennedy Center. First Video Games Live comes in, now anime? Soon it will become a degenerate outpouring of pop-sub-culture! But seriously, its part of the "Japan! Culture+Hyperculture" thing they have going on starting... soon. Check out the site for details.

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GirlLeastLikelyTo said...

OOh. Drawing books never worked for me. I never follow instructions properly. Instead I draw what I see. Once, I saw Batman and he came out pretty awesome if I may say so myself.
But I am pretty sure that drawing books work for every one else on the planet, so good luck. :)