Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sorry its been so long since my last post, but my laptop kind of died and so I don't have my trusty favorites list to remind me to post on here.

A lot has happened since the Dark Knight came out (Seriously, that was last post). Lets see... I started playing Civilization 4, My brother got married, E3 came and went, Tarik got married, Nick Crew came to visit, Maureen got married, Georgia was invaded by Russia a little and there was that Olympics thing.

So, obviously I'm not going to talk about all of them, so of those I will touch on in order of importance...... I started getting back to Civ 4 with the Tutorial- .........



Okay, so the internet has failed me by not providing me easy access to the kind of comedic image I wanted to post after that *Siiiiiigh* I'll make up for it at the end with an amusing video link.

Anyway, obviously the most important event was my brother's wedding, but I think all the people who read my blog were either there or have already seen the photos on Facebook that I put up and while it was fun I'll just rundown the highlights in Haiku: Aisle Dancing fun::Chocolate Fountain Tasty::Karaoke laugh. There you go.

So then, getting back Civ 4- What? E3? Well, I guess it is slightly more important. I personally think that the most important announcements came from the Microsoft press conference such as: New format for Xbox Live featuring Mii like avatars, the ability to stream Netflix over Xbox Live, AND Final Fantasy XIII will have an Xbox release! Now, at the time I said that that news took away 70% of my incentive to buy a PS3. However I then watched the Sony Press Conference and changed that number to 40% because I was reminded of games like "LittleBig
Planet", other releases related to Final Fantasy XIII and other various games like a network game called "Flower" that looks really interesting. However it still doesn't have anything that would make me want to put down money BEFORE Final Fantasy XIII comes out, or mid-2009 to those who don't follow a Final Fantasy release based calendar system (We're almost in the 2nd year of the 11th era by the canonical calendar which I just made up). Xbox 360 on the other hand has a grand release schedule before this year is over: Fable 2 is the big exclusive gun they're packing this fall (I'd equate it to an AK-47 or the Shotgun Mel Gibson uses in The Road Warrior in terms of potency) with an exclusive coming through Square Enix from a notoriously good company (Amongst those in the know) called Tri-Ace called Infinite Undiscovery. Now, the Square Enix brand name and shiny graphics might get some people, but honestly its exclusivity potency is like sticking a dagger on the tip of the AK-47 (Meaning it might hit a few people, but not enough to make it significant). Now if they had some how gotten console exclusivity of Fallout 3 (Which they may have limited exclusivity of, I forget) that would have been like M16 with grenade launcher attachment (Which might be a gun in the game...). Imagine if you will: Elder Scroll IV type gameplay, but they've had 2 1/2 years to make it better. Add guns, explosions, radiation mutants, the ancestry of a PC RPG legend, and set it in Post-apocalyptic Washington DC. Now, add to that some sweet innovative gameplay elements and some nice n' bloody cinematic kill shots = Fallout 3. Like I said, M16 with a Grenade launcher attachment. So yeah, pretty much all my gaming dollars go towards 360 this fall... Well except for Spore of course.

Hmmm, besides that the Olympics have been good, and I think that Georgia-Russia thing is starting to be resolved before I even got to join the thousands of paranoid bloggers thinking it would bring about WW3.

Alright, now about Civilization 4, in earliest times of man's- What, we're out of time? B-but, Civ 4! They aren't interested?! -_-.......

Oh well, I found this amusing video. Apparently there's this thing on YouTube about "Starfox Vs. Link" because someone hacked the N64 Zelda game and stuck an Arwing in it that Link destroys with a boomerang. Anyway, this is a Pokemon battle based on that which is somewhat predictable at the beginning but gets better:

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