Saturday, August 30, 2008

A dream?

Was it a dream? Or was it a terrible truth? No, I think it was a dream.

Anyway, I had a dream about some weird sort of cross over episode of Bleach and DBZ where Goku was attacking the Soul Society for some reason. I think maybe they had captured someone, or it could simply be because in my dream they were actually a group of bandits. Anyway, Goku was caught off guard and his powers were largely taken away along with his memories and made manifest into this weird man-wolf creature that was somehow more incompetent than Goku, but utterly loyal to this one member of the Soul Society. Goku meanwhile was put in with some of the lowly banditry, and it seemed like Goku still held some innate inkling that he was greater than he seemed, or at the very least he didn't act like the other bandits he was with. Then a scene opens on an underground store room and one of the higher up people is coming to check on the supply of "SPAM" or "Stuff Processed as Meat". Before he shows up though we cut to a scene of bandits in the store room counting food stuffs: "Er, we got some Bacon" "Thats SPAM" "And some Ribs" "SPAM" etc. etc. but off to the side Goku has found a pile of fresh produce and cold cuts and is making himself a sandwhich. And he's like "Hey guys, why are we eating that gross meat stuff? I'm making a great sandwhich right here!" And they're all like "What?! Hey, you can't do that!" And I guess they didn't get much water because next he was like "You know, once I was on an airplane, and this guy asked me something." All the bandits stop and ask "Eh, what was it?" Goku stands up and starts to break into a musical number like "Heeee asked me is I'd like some Waaater-" At which point the higher up bandit shows up and grabs Goku telling him to shut up. The bandit then takes Goku's sandwhich, takes a quick look around and leaves. And unfortunately my dream ended then but I'm guessing it then would have gone to some shot of the real guy in charge, who would be ironically short but unclichedly cool, and he would be thinking something like "Hmmm, looks like driving the Goku-ness out of him will be harder than I though...."

It was really great because it seemed like something Goku would have actually done in that situation... Not that any of my readers would know *Oh woe is me*.

Oh, and I leave you with a video that I also posted to Facebook which is probably the funniest thing ever created by The Daily Show:

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