Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Man I hate not having my own computer, its so inconvenient when you can't just download and upload whatever you want. Had I previously mentioned that my laptop died? Well, not died, but entered a state that using it was far more trouble than it was worth. So thats why whoever reads this thing has not been blessed with a new post in quite some time.

I got Spore, and its really quite excellent. Unfortunately I have to run it on a pretty old computer and so not only do I have to run it at minimum graphics settings (Which actually don't look to bad) but in the space mode things have a tendency to slow to a crawl or stop at really bad times. Yeah, being in the middle of a space battle where fast clicking is key and then suddenly your computer starts running 1 frame per 2 seconds.... Yeah, thats a problem. Especially when you're surrounded by 5 tiny agile ships that are constantly shooting you up! The only other gripes I have are minor: The tribal and civilization phase don't matter very much and are really only useful for obtaining some powers for the space stage, and the frequency that your own and other planets whine to you about being attacked gets old pretty quick, especially when you're in the middle of terraforming or something. Of course the true star of the game is the creature creator in which you can create a nigh infinite number of creatures. There are also several building and vehicle creators, but I don't find these as interesting as yet, because usually you're so busy playing the game to get your creature through to the space age that you don't feel like taking out the time to design 3 different buildings and 2 or 3 different vehicles. But in the future, after I've effectively conquered the space age, I may return and simply create some vehicles and buildings for fun.

But I definitely recommend it, though if you doubt its greatness you can always download the free creature creator demo at

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Daniel Silver said...

Spore is pretty fun.

And not tagging on FB about my new blog was a dreadful oversight, so sorry.

Oh also what did you think of the latest episode of Fringe?