Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disney Princess vs. Marvel Heroines Extreme Beach Volleyball... Might already be taken.

Ah, my first new blog post in over 6 months and there is a fresh geyser of a story to post about, namely "Disney Buys Marvel". I believe the price tag was something like $4,000,000,000. Now while all the die hard comics fans wither into dust, allow me to point out some of the wonderful crossovers I've come across. The first and most prevalent (Which I even thought of myself when I first heard this) is Marvel characters, most notably Spider-Man, in Kingdom Hearts. Now, obviously people aren't taking into account the fact that Square-Enix would have to sign off on it too, and really I'm not sure to what extent Disney can just toss around Marvel characters. BUT if you were wondering what other worlds Disney could possibly put in the next Kingdom Hearts, you now have an answer. At Kotaku we have Disney-Marvel Team Ups We'd Like to See which has a number of amusing pictures devoted to the subject (Most prominently a Wolverine style Micky Mouse), though my personal favorite is in the comment box below the article"Disney Princess and Marvel Heroines Beach Volleyball" Just ask Tecmo to make it and you'll have a gold mine. I also greatly enjoyed Penny-Arcade's reaction, who at first were going to do basically what the rest of the internet is doing and just do character mash-ups (Including the aforementioned Spider-Man wielding a Keyblade alla Kingdom Hearts). So instead they crafted This Gem of a comic about the difficulties of having two characters called "Beast" on your roster. Technically one is "The Beast", but still, you see the joke potential. There's even Intelligent Thought on the matter. Of course to really experience the reality of the situation all you need to do is go Here.

But don't worry, just because I was on an indeterminate hiatus before doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly stop using this again. Now Facebook has a Blog Tracker app, so people can actually know when you post something new through Facebook. Also I have a lot of new stuff I want to write about, so hopefully there should be a pretty quick update period for a while.

I'll leave you with a nigh inevitable scenario: Disney/Marvel Vs. Capcom

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