Friday, September 4, 2009

New Post 2: Electric Boogaloo

Sorry, I don't have an actual Electric Boogaloo for you, but I do have a couple of amazing videos from the force that brought Obama Girl.

First, from the original Barely Political is the news (Most notably Joe Biden and the congressman with the Sir Taxalot presentation) auto-tuned T-Pain style: Yes, you could say They're on the News.

Secondly is from the offshoot for non-political projects and creators of the wonderful "WoW Intervention" and "YouTube Comment Fight" BarelyDigital brings a new and greater wonder "Left 4 Dead Beatles". They really do some of the best "You're either going to get this or you won't" humor around.

Well that was fun, so now to knock off one of the topics I want to talk about, and that's this game: "Muramasa the Demon Blade". It really looks cool and is a continuation of a series of games that I've been wanting to pick up called the "Princess Blade" series. According to an interview I read, this game was at one time conceived to be titled "Ninja Princess" to keep the theme, but as production continued they changed focus and developed the background and story of a second male character. So it's still in the same series of "Odin Sphere" with it's side-scrolling action/RPG-ness, but like Final Fantasy it has reinvented its gameplay in this new universe. Muramasa is set in Edo period Japan and features hand-drawn backgrounds and characters inspired by art of the periods and classic Japanese myths and plays. For example, there is a fishing mini-game which takes place in a setting which is essentially a full motion version of Hokusai's "Big Wave" which is very impressive if you're a fan of the painting. Another interesting note, despite being on the Wii the game utilizes 0 motion control. For awhile they tried to work it in but people kept saying things like "This isn't accurate enough" or "I didn't mean to do that!". The last try for motion control was a set of eating mini-games where they would have you hold the Wii-mote and nunchuk like chopticks to eat the food, however it was quickly pointed out that these items were far too large to be used as chopsticks. So instead we have a side-scrolling action/RPG in the genetic line of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Super Metroid (though with a little more RPG than either of those) with the most casual controller which you could even play with your arms crossed leaning back in a chair if you wanted. A final interesting note for people interested in challenging games: They created an unlockable "Death mode" which none of the production staff could actually beat, but apparently one of the testers did and so they said "Ah, so it can be beaten." which was good for them since apparently there's a law in Japan against releasing unbeatable games.

Anyway, I'm getting the game later today so in my next entry I'll have at least a prelimenary report on it.

(Update 2016:  Hey, uh, Muramasa Demon Blade was really cool.  I recommend it if you can get it.)

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