Thursday, April 10, 2008

Battlestar Galactica (Or BSG for those in the know)

What?! Who said they don't know Roman Numerals? What an uncultured society we live in. Speaking of uncultured, a lady today inadvertantly said that she felt the B-52's were in some way contributing to the violent youth of today. I was so stunned by her blatently ignorant and narrow-minded sentiments (As nice as she may have been) that I could do little but hand her her bag of merchandise as she left. I was totally unprepared for such a statement.... Just like I was totally unprepared for this. Oh B-movies.... Were you spawned from Grindhouse? Yes, yes you were. Anyway, onto more cultured topics.

Battlestar Galactica, how did you manage to go from a quirky cliched 70's cult classic Sci-Fi show to become a frakking masterpiece of dramatic storytelling? Is it the "documentary style" camera work with space battles appearing to be shot by a real camera rather than being viewed by an omnipresent eye? Is it the incredible plot twists around every bend? Is it the times when you ask the questions that can only be asked by Science Fiction and Philosophers (My favorite always being "What is the line between man and machine?")? Maybe your amazing cast? Perhaps your amazing musical scores starting with the sorrowful tone of your opening followed with the primal rage kind of energy that is poured into the preview scenes that follow it? Your vast realistically flawed character roster? Gaius Baltar? Bill Adama? Starbuck? Carrying over the term "frak" from the original? Hmmm, I'm going to go with a combination of all of these.

Honestly the only reasons I can think to not like the show are: 1. You absolutely hate sci-fi, like as a religious conviction. 2. You hate good television. 3. You can't stomach violence, sex, and faux profanity.

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