Monday, April 21, 2008

So... You wanna go in John's hatch?

If the joke for the first season was "Would you help Jack off the island?" the second season jokes involve anything with the term "John's Hatch" or "Locke's Hatch". If you don't get those, you obviously haven't been watching Lost, which I just recently finished season 2 of. Honestly, I'm not sure how people watch this week to week instead of altogether on a disc, it must be maddening. People come up with all these theories, I'm sure, because they can't just put in the next disc and find out. By the way, I'll probably be discussing some


So, y'know, don't read this if you haven't watched Season 2 yet.

Honestly, I thought the two coolest things in season 2 were the first time you saw the timer run out and the tiles started flipping red and black with heiroglyphics and you're like "Holy crap, that is not good." and the black light blast door wall message... Which, by the way, you only see once! I wanna know what was written on it!

Now then... Having reached the end and realizing that we did learn a good bit about Dharma and seemingly what they do here, clues at least, at the same time I realized "Oh, there are sort of several issues that were kinda cast aside for this season." Like, oh right, that freaky black smoke that didn't attack Echo? I'm personally going with a theory that its some sort of physical manifestation of the pent up anger and psychosis from many of the cast and island inhabitants. An island spirit brought on by the islanders if you will. Thats why it killed the pilot, there was some sort of subconcious animosity towards the screw up who crashed the flight. Recently its not going after anyone because there's equal animosity on both sides, and not for a particular person.Also, I did some research into "108". Besides the obvious fact that the other numbers add up to it, its also linked to a lot of the Far Eastern religions... Like, pretty much all of them except ancient Shinto (Since modern incarnations borrow some from Buddhism). It is, in fact, linked to Dharma, and the "Dharmic Wheel" (As a friend called it) which is uses as its symbol. Basically, 108 in the far east is kind of like 12 over here, its a number that you would probably pretty quickly link to having significance. HOWEVER! I think its entirely a distraction. Why? Because Evangelion did the exact same thing! They stuck in a bunch of Western religious symbolism that ended up not being anything but cool cultural aesthetic. In other words, the story behind the 108 is simply that the creators of Dharma were like "Oh, Dharma is linked to 108, so will set it up so its every 108 minutes." Thats all there is to the number 108... The other numbers? Probably, again, just there to throw you off. 42 is important to Hitchhikers Guide fans. 23 could be linked to Psalm 23 which is quoted by Echo and Charlie. The others I don't know because I honestly feel they are too general and too slosely related to each to be a specific thing, but I'm sure they'll work them into the series mythology. Anyway, ultimately I don't think the numbers mean anything except that events linked to the island will continue to have those numbers pop up, because the producers know people will be distracted by them.... Distracted from the truth. The truth is my friends that I've already figured it all out! I compared the distractions to Evangelion earlier, and that is the truth in itself. The island secretly houses a geo-front beneath the soil where there are giant mecha that need CHILDREN to pilot them, hence why they kidnapped the children! However the mecha (Which there are 108 of, again, to throw you off) are not going to save the world: the Dharma initiative is going to use them to enslave the world! They aren't the good guys... They're the very bad guys. Yes this is the truth of the series, and it shall be until it is utterly shattered by Season 3.

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