Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hide under Kindling

So, I started watching Season 2 of Lost. So far I'm liking it a lot more since the plot is actually a lot more about the island and what the crap is going on, and less about introducing the 15+ characters, who have a tendency to die once you learn all about them. People still need to lighten up, but y'know, I'm wondering if that will ever happen and am thinking "No, not really." But anyway, thats not why I'm writing...

I was watching Lewis Black's "Black on Broadway" show and reaffirmed that he is a rather wise but very angry man. He shared some deep insights like the fact that, 10 years ago, you would safely think, even on your worst day, "Y'know, todays gonna suck. But at least I'm not gonna get smallpox!" I'm not saying its something people should worry about, but back then nobody would have even considered a smallpox bio-weapon a threat (And by "nobody" I mean everyone outside of that guy they kept on staff "just in case" and the conspiracy theorists). He also shared his thoughts on freakin' disgustingly rich people at the top of corporations who just buy stuff they don't use or need and how incredibly stupid they are. Do you know why everyone knows who Richard Branson is (Head of Virgin for those outside of everyone)? Because he does crazy and weird stuff with his money, like doing a "fake" April Fools Day Mars Mission application with Google. He's so crazy, he might actually do it someday. He threw water on Stephen Colbert in an interview. Mr. Black's idea was to have someone constantly attending to cleaning his balls. Crude yes, but he said y'know: pay this person very well, great pension, health insurance and all, and their only job is to make sure his family jewels stay sparkly. And the reason was this "As you're walking along the other CEOs say 'why, who is that?' and you say 'Who is that? Why, my personal ball cleaner. What'd you buy, another car? HAHAHAHA!!!'" I guess my take away was that the world would be a better, or at least more interesting place, with more eccentric billionaires. And by eccentric, I don't mean the guy who bought a $16,000 patio umbrella holder. Thats not eccentric, thats just stupid. My new Ford Focus cost less than that! Well, its about 6 months old now, but its new. He spoke on a number of other issues like nutrition facts on water, and where was the water with fat in it? Why is our terror system color coded? And the age old question of how a little wooden desk was supposed to protect school children from a giant nuclear fireball, and the added question of "What the crap are they suposed to do after surviving, go out and melt on the jungle gym?" Yes, yes, .....yes. I'm done with that now.

The final thing is, I'm starting to get tired of the incredibly, astoundingly stupid and unpredictable AI in the Call of Cthulhu game. I'm starting to remember why I stopped playing it.... But I'm gonna try and get through it this time, at least get out of Innsmouth. Oh, just so you can share in my astonishment at the enemies stupidity... I snuck up behind two Dagonites and shot one in the head with my very loud six-shooter and the other... I, I can't properly recall.... He either did nothing or turned a little and gurgled "Wha was that?" Its hard to remember. The other frustrating thing is that the game tells you "Y'know, generally the best way through a combat situation is to sneak by it." but it very rarely gives you that oppurtunity! Its either a situation where you HAVE to sneak past or you'll die a hail of gunfire or you HAVE to shoot your way through and run like the wind cause your aim sucks. Ugh, give me Arkham Horror any day.

Blarg, and now I have to get up in 5 hours for church, not that I'm even tired right now... Oh well.

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