Thursday, March 6, 2008

In the genre of Virtual Life...

So, Gamespot broke this news just today:

However, I had officially suspected it for at least a few days before. How did I get enough info to officially suspect it? Well, in the latest Sims 2 expansion (Free Time) I clicked on one of my families. After being there for an hour or two games time, a shady fellow walks by and drops a box off by the peoples house saying something about "The future" What's inside? A computer! With what game installed? Sims 3. Thats right, 3. Oh, the little bit that it showed on that tiny computer screen wasn't TOO informative, but when Maxis breaks their teaser trailer Mar. 19th I'll let you know if its the same one.

Heh, I find it amusing that I'm actually trying to compete with Gamespot, as if I could actually get news faster than an official gaming site that the industry actually calls. But in this case I DID actually know something before it broke there.

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