Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A weekend with the Crew

So my friend Crew visited the past weekend, which was fun, though I ended up forgetting to give him his pin... Anyway, Mr. Crew is a seemingly paradoxical fellow: When you see him you would probably see a tall, fro-tastic southern black man with some sweet breakin' skillz. However, once you start talking to him you quickly discover that, despite his casual manner of speaking, he's probably read more in on the subjects of History and Theology (+Others) in the past year than you will in the next ten. In the midst of this reading he gives himself a break by watching anime and sometimes playing some video games (Though he's more old school in terms of gaming). All this while attending Liberty University and trying to keep himself from verbally pummeling some sorry fools who don't know when to stop their unenlightened comments about certain artistic mediums being inherently bad. I do indeed pity the foo'. During his visit we watched the entirety of "The Slayers", a fantasy anime series from '95, and several episodes from assorted series. Hmmm, actually we pretty much just generally geeked out for two days while visiting the essential Cal Tor and Chipotle (Both of which they foolishly do not have in Lynchburg).

Generally a good time was had by all, and multiple cases of Mike's Hard Lemonade were consumed (Though, not just by us).

On a different note, the results of my poll were kind of interesting. First someone said that what I said was pretty much accurate, then someone who felt that what I said was the proverbial "Tip of the iceburg" and finally someone who felt, while true, things aren't quite so bad as I put it. Interestingly enough, no one felt that what I said was entirely wrong.... I guess its good I know Jujitsu, maybe I should learn how to shoot a gun too.

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