Monday, March 31, 2008

A photographic series

So a series of photos I'm calling "I'm bored, here's my room." that I started by posting some pictures of me hanging out in my room on Facebook continues now with me posting some pictures of some of the many vistas in my room. Firstly we have the bottom of my coffee cup:

The lesson here is, ponder not what is gone, lest you think ill of it. So you aren't too horrified, I put some ice cream with some bits that didn't melt in it. The color is the fault of the lighting. Anyway, to more appetizing things:

Is it sufficiently geeky? Wait, the coup de grace:

Death Note and Nana are probably my favorite manga (mahn-GA by the way, not main-GA)series... Maybe also Full Metal Panic, but I think I like the anime better in some regards. Interesting thing about Death Note and Nana is that they're probably polar opposites in terms of genre. One about a high school student aspiring to become a god of justice through a death dealing notebook, the other about two 20 year old women with the same name and opposite character traits who move to Tokyo and share an apartment and go through life and love together and apart.

While I have your attention, I'm going to recommend 5 Centimeters per Second. I got to see it on the medium sized screen (As opposed to the big screen or the small screen, which it was neither) at the Kennedy Center and now I have the DVD... Which I haven't watched yet because I'm busy writing this blog and playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, which in addition to Final Fantasy Tactics, Lumines and Valkyrie Profile make buying a PSP worth it in my book. Well, unless you're one of those cheap-skate quasi-pirate emulator people. Anyway, NetFlix 5 cm per Sec. or hit me up for a borrowing. If nothing else you can marvel at the artistry.

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