Friday, March 14, 2008

Why does humanity suck?

I already know the answer to my question, or rather I know what the answer is based upon my beliefs. But let me give you the lead up to my question. And, just so you know, its not that this hasn't occured to me before, I just felt like venting.

I just got done watching "No Country for Old Men" which is enough of a downer looking at how, really, the law and such can't ever stop all crime and really can't do too much except act as a deterrent that helps to compensate those who are victimized with "justice" in the form of financial compensation or jail time for the individual who harmed them. And then, right after that I watch "Michael Clayton", a movie thats sort of the opposite end of humanities scum. You have the people who stay off the grid and out of the law's hands because they're quick and clever and know how to do surgery on themselves so they can stay out of hospitals and generally don't care too much about the rest of the world. Rare person, yes, but some exist I'm sure. The other end is the companies and people who cause suffering to hundreds or thousands of people and then actually use the law and money to cover up their deeds. Also a few arranged "accidents" for potential leaks with a righteous fire burning in their belly. Now, I realize that these are both movies, but why couldn't these things happen in real life? We say "Oh, well in real life the police aren't that inept, they catch onto to stuff." Really? Do they? Apparently, finger prints and DNA tests rarely lead anywhere, or at least not fast enough to do anything if say, your car gets stolen. Unless you manage to report it as its being stolen, it might be in a chop shop somewhere by the time you find out. And the general populace is so apathetic, you'll be lucky if someone bothers to give the jacker a second look unless he's breaking a window. Heh, of course now even my own "benefit of the doubt" for humanity is kicking in saying "Oh, surely they would do something". Maybe they would. But you know, the guest on Stephen Colbert's show tonight said he lived in a project for a year because the people wouldn't give him accurate data for his sociological studies. After a month he asked the police why the problems he was seeing weren't being dealt with and the police said "Its too dangerous for police." Too dangerous for the law to deal with? Or is it too dangerous for the law that is bound up in red tape to deal with? Bound by the bad image it might give the police officers involved with the media spin? Headline "Project raided by police, civilians caught in cross-fire." Technically, an armed gang member could be a civilian. And really, who pays attention to those news stories anyway? You hear about something and its like "Oh, thats too bad, glad thats somewhere else though" or you start getting too worried about it and suspect that crime is everywhere and that the man in a hurry behind you is trying to steal your bag. Or maybe the media has just cried wolf too many times? With constant reports of fires, arrests, people in accidents, etc. Eventually you just tune it out because you don't see it except on TV or driving by in your car, which you're in by the way, because you are on your way to something much more imporant than someone else's suffering. Its all.... whitewashing a rotten house. I'm not saying there aren't good people, or even that they're a minority. But I think that the populace is fooled (Not all the time, but in the day to day) into thinking that we live in an alabaster city where, by the way, the sewers are entirely contained, or if they do overflow we can certainly control them. Or do we need that fooling to get by in the day to day, that we are generally okay, that the postcards sent into Post Secret (Which is an interesting thing to glance through if you haven't seen it) aren't from your neighbors and the people down the street, that people who are good Christians 7 days a week, saying their prayers and reading their Bibles, won't still go out and take part in a drunken party (By which I mean, a party whose intent is too get smashed drunk). Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh so much more I want to say, but at the same time I don't want to because the part of my brain is kicking in that says "You don't know that for sure." and if you're still reading this I apologize for my stream of crap I decided to pour on my blog. But thats what they're for right?

Here's something final I will say, I'm glad I believe in a God with an absolute justice, because otherwise I'd be waiting for Kira from Death Note.

And to make up for all that, I'll give you a fun little video:

Be sure to find the easter egg after the video or you might just be more depressed.

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