Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cowboys vs. Zombies

(Edit: I for got to mention, the first poll concluded and two repeat visitors voted in it! So thats sort of good and bad at the same time since it means that people came back to my site, but that only those two peole have been here... Because as we all know, polling data is infallible and a perfect indicator of truth and reality)

No, its not an awesome new movie idea, its the band that some friends of mine formed. They performed tonight at the Coffee House event at Washington Bible College. I would have to say they were my favorite group of the night, and not just because they're my friends. Mainly because their set list was half original songs and half covers, and I liked the covers ("Take on Me" and "500 Miles" are the ones I remember) but also because they're rather good in general. The other two were pretty good musically, though not my first pick in genre, and I just don't really like sermons in my music so much nor am I a huge fan what I call "Modern Christianities Greatest Hits" (Which, for those who don't know, is a large selection of songs that you would never be surprised to hear a Christian musician play. Like, seriously, never.) at least not outside of like church or a prayer group. The last group, the Phil Bena band, Phil Bena is one of the professors there and he has some pretty dang sweet guitar skillz, and I liked his solo better than most of the rest of his band's set. After the performance a large group of us went to Bennigan's, which has never really been high on my list of restaurants, and I got a Reuben and an Irish Coffee. The Reuben was pretty good, though a little sweeter than I like. The Irish Coffee was only the second Coffee/Alchohol drink I've had, so I'm not sure where it should go in the ranking except below the first one I had because I really liked the first one I had and this was more "meh". But with the conversation and music it was a good night all-around.

The one thing I'm most bummed about is I forgot my camera, really very unfortunate. I better not forget it next Saturday for Katsucon, that would be tragic.

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