Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Dead

First off, some body voted in my poll! And they said "No" which means they were a repeat visitor! Isn't that awesome?

Secondly, pertaining to the title, Barnes & Noble tonight was, in a way, Super Dead. Music had two customers in the last 2 1/2 hours.... Or so, and neither of them ended up buying something! I think 1/4 of the sales I did were people picking up stuff they had ordered which basically means they wouldn't have been in if we hadn't asked them to stop by. I actually had to just look busy for a while so that people would have that extra stuff available to do the rest of the week, probably including myself... The next day. The store itself was dead too. I came back from my break at 9 and informed the guy covering me that I believed there to be no one in the store except employees. I did a couple jumps to look around and managed to spot what appeared to be an old lady looking at audio books and two other people who had just walked in. Yeah, it was dead.

Finally, tonight if you missed either Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Conan O' Brian then you missed out. Why? Because their long standing feud on who exactly got Mike Huckabee to where he is was finally resolved..... With a vicious 5 minute long battle sequence! After humorous delays on both A Daily Show and The Colbert Report the battle finally came to a head on Conan's show. Bricks, bats and ice skates are a small sampling of the vast arsenal which was brought, by each, to bear on each other, and many a stunt man fell down a flight of stairs.... Well, actually it might have been the same stunt man with a different wig. But who's counting? Anyway, you probably missed out, but I'm sure it'll be on YouTube if NBC doesn't pull it off.

Oh, and a last thing after the finally. I finished watching through "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" again, this time in the original aired order rather than the chronological order. The original aired order is better I think. Its a bit confusing maybe, but that way the last 4 episodes are really interesting. I mean, the chronological order is okay, but then you're seeing the climax of the show at episode 6 out of 14, which is interesting to experience by the way since most shows you have the climax and then a little epilogue. Here, there was 8 episodes of what happened after.... Its very strange I think because it feels like it should be incredibly boring somehow, but for some reason you want to stay and watch. Its a very unique and odd show... That I own all of by the way if anyone wants to watch it.

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