Friday, February 22, 2008

Expelled on grounds of being Religulous

So a friend of mine recently showed me this site which I was rather surprised by since Ben Stein had never been someone I'd really counted on the side of Intelligent Design (Not that I'd given it much thought mind). But apparently he is and is making this documentary (Titled "Expelled") in an effort to show that scientists, the media, and the education system are teamed up against Intelligent Design on the side of Evolution. I'm hoping I can find a theatre thats showing it since its a subject that needs to be addressed by a figure thats recognized outside of the Evangelical community.

So a film I then came across looking through news clips related to the above movie, I found out that Bill Maher is making a documentary called "Religulous". The only clip about it I can find is an interview with Larry King where he says he hopes to put it out around Easter...... Which I find interesting. The point of it is highlighting different religions and pointing out the humorous parts of them. No doubt it will unleash a torrent of people saying "You don't understand", "That was taken out of context", "You interviewed somene who doesn't know anything", and things like that. Personally I can, to an extent, appreciate his position on religion. His big thing he always says is "I want people to say 'I don't know what happens after we die'." Now, my appreciation of his stance would increase or diminish depending on his response to if I were able to say "Okay, I don't know what happens after we die" and in that being vague, because his statement is vague in my opinion. What I would actually mean is "I don't know the technical ins and outs of what happens after death, and think anyone who does has been reading to much mythology. But I do know some things: There is something, God will raise the dead for judgment in the end, the righteous shall be with Him forever and the unrighteous will exist eternally seperated. Thats what I know based on my belief God exists. (And subsequent logical conclusions based on that belief)" Now, if he then said "Alright." then I would accept his position fine, but if he then tried to argue some other position then I would instantly lose appreciation since that would mean he was going against his own stance of not knowing. Unless he prefaced the statement by saying "For the sake of argument" That I can appreciate since I'm always up for debating alternatives.

So basically I want to see both these films, but I have a feeling they won't quickly be coming to a theater near me.

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