Saturday, February 2, 2008

A gaming lynchpin

Now, I should definitely be in bed trying to sleep right now, but I just started thinking about how much I think the cinematic nature of Final Fantasy VII really changed the face of gaming and remembered the first commercial I ever saw for it and just couldn't sleep until I found that commercial.. Fortunately it wasn't too hard, but yeah:

Heh, I wonder if subconciously thats why so many people actually get caught up on the Cloud-Aeris match up and think of Tifa as more of a childhood friend? But anyway, I don't remember any other game being marketed with the phrase "The most anticipated epic adventure of the year will NEVER be coming to a theater near you." I mean, its cheesey yeah, but its also impactful because its saying "You should consider these scenes and this story on the same level as a movie." And it worked since FFVII moved a whole heckuva lot more copies than VI and I bet more people have played VII than any of the others (If you count percentages at least, I mean, a greater number might have bought a different one just as the player base has increased in the past 10 years).

Anyway, thats what I was thinking about because I stupidly decided to sleep until 3:30 this afternoon.

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