Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kickin' it Old School

(Edit: So, I found out that this system is awesome about saving drafts. Here'sthe original post which is better than that mangled half crap of a post I replaced it with... Not that anyone read the first one, but y'know.)

Yeah boYEEE!1 Kickin' like its the year 2000! What brings this on? Well, recently, that being tonight, I decided to look up my old Yahoo Groups haunts... By which I mostly mean the groups I started or maintained. Ah, nostalgia came flooding back as I read my insightful review of the original Halo at "Knights of Gaming", felt the sorrow of realizing that some of my old "Techno Instrument Maniac" posts were missing, and amusement at the fact that someone had actually run a little bit of a storyline at "Final Love" as less than a year and a half ago. Ah, its like visiting an old playground. Sadly (Or, perhas not so much?) the groups where I did battle persons pretending to be various Dragonball Z characters no longer existed, but I remember well how those battles went, and what epic battles they were...

Well, I'm in the midst of trying to recover my "Techno Instrument Maniacs" story, which is harder than it might seem. It is like 1.5-2 years worth of short posts of dialogue.

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