Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can Rabbits and Cats fall in Love?

So, I recently thought of two of my favorite flash videos and I thought I'd post them here:

There She Is!!!

Cake Dance

They're both on a Korean site called (As it should say at the end of the clips) and there have been three more in production for a while. I think I like it for three reasons: 1. Its reminiscent of anime style. 2. Its funny/cute. and 3. Its a story of two people getting together even though society doesn't approve which is always a good story in my experience.

Also, for those who don't visit my Facebook, I went to see Persepolis (BTW, yes she actually sings that in the movie) tonight. Its very good and I might throw something at the TV if it doesn't beat Ratatoullie and Surf's Up in the Oscars. Ratatoullie was good, but not as good as this, and I'm not sure why exactly Surf's Up is on there... Nothing else available? Japan didn't feel like sending something over this year? Tekkonkinkreet? Paprika? No? Tekkonkinkreet even had an American director I think. Oh well, after it wins the Oscar it might get a wider screening (I had to go to an artsy theater in Bethesda to see it) so watch for it.

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